Lynne Helps Britney With Her Boys

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It was a family affair Saturday as Lynne Spears hung out with Britney and her sons Preston and Jayden for an overnight visit at the star’s Studio City home.

In town since Wednesday, Lynne and Britney have been enjoying some mother-daughter bonding, shopping at the True Religion warehouse and Pottery Barn on Friday before enjoying a “girls dinner” of salad, sushi rolls, and fish at Bond St. restaurant with two of Britney’s pals.

“Britney walked in with a big smile and introduced her mom to the staff,” says an observer. “She looked gorgeous, and I have never seen her in a better mood. She was laughing the whole time she was here. Britney seemed to have the best time hanging out with her mom and friends.”

Meanwhile, dad Jamie spent the weekend at his new house in Santa Monica.

Source: People Magazine

Britney's Madonna Video Cameo Pics To Be Released Monday

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The Britney Spears beat never sleeps.

Britney’s been shooting her video for Madonna’s upcoming “Sticky & Sweet” tour in the heart of Hollywood, she’s working at the sound stage “The Lot” and our team have been stationed there around the clock to bring you all the details.

Just in, we’ve got the story on what Britney’s filming.  In fact, E! has obtained the exclusive photos from behind the scenes at the shoot, inside the elevator, wearing a grey hoody, getting her makeup put on and working the moves.  You’ll see those photos here on Monday.  She kicks the walls, at one point screams into a camera, then climbs up the elevator, looks into another camera, and says, “It’s Britney, bitch!”

Check out the video report here.

Source: E! News

Britney Bonds With Her Mother

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Now that Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth to adorable little Maddie Briann, mom Lynne Spears has taken some time to head from her Louisiana home to enjoy some quality time with older daughter, Britney Spears.

First, Lynne joined Brit at the recording studio Thursday night, where the singer is working on a follow-up to last year’s Blackout.

And then earlier on Friday, mom and daughter partook in a nice little shopping spree. Joined by her Brit’s assistant Brett and Lynne’s best friend Jackie the foursome (Britney attempted to hide in the backseat of one car) drove over to the True Religion jean warehouse in Vernon, Calif.

According to witnesses, the four women went “hog wild” at the giant warehouse, scouring the racks and leaving with oversized shopping bags under their arms. Referring to the tight-fit jeans she picked up, Brit was overheard saying to her assistant, “I’m feeling skinnier now, so…”

Insiders tell OK! that Britney’s relationship with True Religion, famous for their low-rise, hip-baring jeans, is basically the same as the understanding she has at the Ed Hardy warehouse, where she is free to roam to rows and rows and rows of clothes and pull whatever she wants.

But despite Friday’s shopping spree, it’s likely that the sexy slacks will be left in Britney’s closet next Tuesday when she heads to court for her final scheduled custody hearing before the case goes to trial in August.

Source: OK! Magazine

More Info On The Madonna Tour Video Britney Filmed Today

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Here’s the scoop, bitch.

Cameras started to roll today on the video that Britney Spears is making for Madonna‘s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour, which, sources tell E! News, will be the opening video for each show.

The “Are you ready to rumble?!” video, if you will.

The shoot took place today at the Lot in West Hollywood, the former site of Warner Hollywood, United Artists and the Samuel Goldwyn Studios.

An on-set source said that Britney arrived at around 9 a.m. and was holed up in her dressing room by 9:30. The “Toxic” singer didn’t start shooting her scenes until noon.

According to our insiders, the planned “short movie” will take place inside an elevator, where seven cameras will be strategically placed to capture the magic. The scene-by-scene breakdown goes like this:

Britney, partially disguised by a gray hoodie, walks into the elevator. As she starts traveling upward, she seems particularly nervous and anxious. The popster starts pacing back and forth. Then she progresses to kicking and smacking the walls, all frantic-like. She screams into one of the cameras. Then she starts climbing the wall, pulls down her hood and, into another camera, says:

“It’s Britney, bitch.”

Well, at least she shouldn’t have trouble remembering her lines.

We’re told that the 26-year-old mother of two acted “very professional” throughout and, a day after the shoot was postponed due to technical difficulties, everything seemed to be back on schedule.

Meanwhile, despite rumors that Madonna was going to wing her way west for a quick set visit, the Material Girl stayed put in New York today. According to a witness privy to her comings and goings, she went to her studio this morning and then returned to her Manhattan apartment.

Where, if Madonna weren’t used to the current tabloid climate, she would have bolted the door, drawn the shades and pulled the covers over her head.

But she probably just ate lunch.

Source: E! News

Britney "Excited" To Be Working With Madonna Again

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Britney Spears is collaborating with Madonna again, and the embattled singer is psyched to reunite with her idol, says a pal.

The pop icons are teaming up to film a segment that is expected to be part of Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. “Britney is excited, but in a grown up way,” says the source, who has seen the singer through her recent ups-and-downs. “She has come a long way in the last year.”

In fact Spears, who has gone to a lightened baby blonde hair color for the shoot, arrived at 9 a.m. Wednesday to begin filming her segment at The Lot in West Hollywood.

According to the source, Spears, 26, who used to make headlines for her late-night outings and reckless driving, has been showing new signs of maturity. “She has settled down and is full of life but not childish,” says the pal. Under the supervision of her father, Jamie, Britney regained overnight visits with her sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, and has also re-teamed with her former manager, Larry Rudolph.

“Working with Madonna is a dream, but I think she feels like it’s one she’s earned,” says the pal. “She’s respectful but full of her own ideas about the work.”

The friend also maintains that Spears has also regained her focus, both mentally and professionally. “I think that so many people have no idea that Britney is fully aware of what’s going on. She may not always have been, but she is now,” says the pal. “And she is – if not in control – in partnership with her father and her managers in her future.”

Source: People Magazine

Britney To Dance In An Elevator For Madonna Video

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Britney Spears and Madonna‘s latest hookup has been temporarily derailed by a technical glitch.

Spears had been scheduled to begin shooting a video montage for Madonna’s upcoming tour this morning at the Lots soundstage in Hollywood. But production insiders say that because the set was not finished in time, cameras will not roll until tomorrow.

The set features an elevator, in, around and on which Spears will dance.

“The video will be very deep,” a source in the Spears camp tells E! News. “You’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”

Madonna reached out to Britney to do the project, says the source.

The Material One’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, would only say that “there is footage being shot of Britney some time this week in conjunction with Madonna’s upcoming tour” and that the segment was not a music video.

“That is all the information I have available,” the rep added. “The rest is a secret.”

Source: E! News

The image shows Britney leaving Kim Vo’s hair salon today in preparation for the shoot.

Britney To Shoot Video Footage For Madonna This Week

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Britney Spears will team up with Madonna – virtually – during the singer’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour.

“Britney is going to film something for Madonna’s show in the next week or so,” Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.

As for details about what they will be doing – and where it will be filmed – Rosenberg says, “I don’t know. It’s a secret.”

Contrary to published reports, Spears is not in New York to film the video segments, nor has she already shot anything.

This isn’t the first collaboration for the pop stars. The two famously teamed up during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, sharing the stage – and one memorable kiss – during the broadcast.

Spears is not expected to perform with Madonna, whose tour kicks off in Wales next month. The U.S. leg of her tour starts Oct. 4 in East Rutherford, N.J.

Source: People Magazine

Larry Rudolph Confirms Madonna Tour Video

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Despite rumors of Britney Spears joining Madonna onstage for her upcoming “Sticky & Sweet” tour, it appears the duo will only appear together on video. “Britney’s doing a video piece this week for Madonna’s new tour,” Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywood. The video will reportedly be shown on giant video screens during Madge’s world tour. No word if the duo will recreate their VMA smooch in the video, but fans sure can hope!

Source: Access Hollywood