Pussycat Dolls Video Cameo Edited Out

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MTV, who have the exclusive of the new Pussycat Dolls video, “When I Grow Up,” are reporting that Britney’s appearance has been edited out of the final cut. “A spokesperson for the Dolls could not be reached for comment on why Spears was not included in the video. The group’s members did not elaborate on the edit during the taping of “FNMTV” Thursday night in Los Angeles.
Spears was filmed last week driving in a car for her cameo, though an unnamed set source told US Magazine she did not interact with the group or dance while on set. “They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic — that is it. Of course, Britney looks hot and blonde. It is a very short sequence, but [Britney] had a lot of fun with it. Britney really likes the Dolls’ music and when she saw them on the MTV [Movie Awards], she was totally down to do the video,” the source told the magazine.

Neither Spears’ nor the Dolls’ spokespeople would comment on the shoot at the time and attempts to reach Spears’ representatives on Thursday (June 12) about the now-shelved cameo were unsuccessful.”

BritneySpy.com In Spanish Coming Soon

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I have wanted to do this for a while but never had the time, so I’m going to attempt to do it now!

I’m a Spanish student so it will give me some writing practice if I update the site in Spanish too. I don’t have time to update it all the time but I was thinking of just including official and important news.

What do you think of the idea? You can check out the temporary Spanish page here.

New Layout

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Here’s the new layout, I hope you all like it!  There hasn’t been much Britney news lately but it’s nice to give the site a bit of an update once in a while.

Thanks (again) to Marius for making it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  Leave a comment to say what you think…

Britney Laying Low

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There’s a reason there haven’t been any updates for a few days, and it’s not that I’m lazy!  There has been a surprising lack of anything in the Britney world this weekend.  Britney went shopping for baby clothes and she dyed her hair blonde again this week… that’s about it!

Hopefully there’ll be some more (positive) news to report this week.