Britney Spears Has a Birthday Party Fit For a Queen

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Wednesday marks a special day for Britney Spears: her 34th birthday! In honor of her big day, the singer had a birthday party fit for a queen (tiara included) and took to social media to document the fun.


In one of the photos, Britney showed off her supercute teacup cake while wearing an adorable bear robe, writing, “Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes today! I loved reading them just as much as I loved my teacup cake,” along with a cake emoji. The pop princess also received a very special gift from pal Miley Cyrus: balloons that spelled out her name, which she thanked Miley for on Instagram.

On top of ringing in her 34th, Britney has also already started celebrating the holiday season. Although she won’t be performing at Rockefeller Center this year, Britney was given the honor of flipping the switch at a Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas in November. Keep scrolling to see the snaps, then check out these pictures of Britney that will really take you back in time.


Britney to appear on Giorgio Moroder’s new album

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The godfather of disco announces new collaborations and releases a single

Giorgio Moroder, widely considered a pioneer of disco, has announced a new album due out next spring — one that makes it clear he’s not threatened by pop upstarts.

Moroder’s album, his first solo effort in over 30 years, is to feature collaborations with Britney Spears, Sia, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, and others. Moroder is no stranger to collaboration with younger artists, having recently been featured on Daft Punk’s Grammy-winning album Random Access Memories.

Before the Daft Punk appearance, Moroder may have been best known for his work on songs including Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and film scores including Scarface and Top Gun. Presumably Britney and her cohort will help introduce the artist to a new generation of fans, not that it seems Moroder’s too worried: His first single, the title track from the album, is bluntly titled “74 Is the New 24.” In a press release, the indefatigable producer said: “Dance music doesn’t care where you live. It doesn’t care who your friends are. It doesn’t care how much money you make. It doesn’t care if your 74 or if you are 24 because… 74 is the new 24!”

Inside The Britney Jean Listening Party

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About 100 people gathered for a listening party tonight for Brit’s upcoming eighth studio album, where they were treated to a preview of “Alien,” “Perfume,” “Tik Tik Boom” featuring T.I., “Don’t Cry” and “It Should Be Easy,” featuring, who hosted the event at his Hollywood studio.

Britney Jean Party

“It’s my most personal album,” Spears said. “I went through a breakup this year and a lot of the album has to do with that.”

In between tracks, Andy Cohen moderated a chat on a makeshift stage with Spears and

The pop princess called herself a “perfectionist” about work.

“I love what I do so I have a hand in everything that I do,” she said.

The 31-year-old showbiz veteran also revealed her favorite snack foods while recording—sushi and Skittles!

Spears looked fab. Her signature blond hair was down and fell over her shoulders. She wore tight black pants, a sleeveless black shirt and black heels.

She said of the new album, “I want people to listen to it and be inspired.”

Britney Jean goes on sale Dec. 3. Its first single, “Work Bitch,” dropped in mid-September.

Earlier this month, Spears released “Perfume,” the second single from the album.

“‘Perfume’ is incredibly special to me because it hits close to home, and I think the story is relatable to everyone,” the pop princess told me exclusively at the time. “Everyone’s been through an insecure moment in a relationship that’s left them vulnerable and I think this song captures that.”

About three weeks after Britney Jean drops, the mother of two will launch her two-year residency, Piece of Me, at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Source: E! Online

Britney Causes Gun Controversy in Video For New Single “Perfume”

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BrinetyControversyBritney Spears has caused controversy on the video set of her new single ‘Perfume’.

The pop star was seen brandishing a gun moments after wearing a Virginia Tech hoodie, reports the Huffington Post. In 2007 Virginia Tech university was the site of the deadliest shooting incident by a lone gunman in the history of America – 32 people were killed and 17 were injured.

The video was being shot in Palmdale, California, and on set Spears was pictured pointing a gun at a man in a car after spending time between takes in the sweater, which apparently belonged to her boyfriend David Lucado.

Britney Spears’s new album ‘Britney Jean’ will be released on December 3. It is her eighth album and the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Femme Fatale’. William Orbit recently discussed his work on the record and the singer’s Las Vegas residency. “I’ve done one song for the new album, called ‘Alien’, which is really good,” said Orbit. “I’ll be in Vegas, seeing the show. I’ve become a huge fan of hers, actually. I always liked her, but when I started to dig into her repertoire – and there’s masses of it – I became a superfan, really. You’ll find me in the audience singing along.”

Meanwhile, a new musical will tell the story of Jesus Christ using the songs of Spears. Spears The Musical: The Gospel According To Britney is currently being developed for the stage. The production will give an account of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus by using Spears hits such as ‘Stronger’, ‘…Baby One More Time’ and ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’.

Source: NME

Pussycat Dolls Video Cameo Edited Out

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MTV, who have the exclusive of the new Pussycat Dolls video, “When I Grow Up,” are reporting that Britney’s appearance has been edited out of the final cut. “A spokesperson for the Dolls could not be reached for comment on why Spears was not included in the video. The group’s members did not elaborate on the edit during the taping of “FNMTV” Thursday night in Los Angeles.
Spears was filmed last week driving in a car for her cameo, though an unnamed set source told US Magazine she did not interact with the group or dance while on set. “They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic — that is it. Of course, Britney looks hot and blonde. It is a very short sequence, but [Britney] had a lot of fun with it. Britney really likes the Dolls’ music and when she saw them on the MTV [Movie Awards], she was totally down to do the video,” the source told the magazine.

Neither Spears’ nor the Dolls’ spokespeople would comment on the shoot at the time and attempts to reach Spears’ representatives on Thursday (June 12) about the now-shelved cameo were unsuccessful.” In Spanish Coming Soon

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I have wanted to do this for a while but never had the time, so I’m going to attempt to do it now!

I’m a Spanish student so it will give me some writing practice if I update the site in Spanish too. I don’t have time to update it all the time but I was thinking of just including official and important news.

What do you think of the idea? You can check out the temporary Spanish page here.

New Layout

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Here’s the new layout, I hope you all like it!  There hasn’t been much Britney news lately but it’s nice to give the site a bit of an update once in a while.

Thanks (again) to Marius for making it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  Leave a comment to say what you think…