All "Blackout" Releases Leave UK Chart

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For the first time since October 2007, Britney hasn’t got any releases in the UK top 75 charts, as “Blackout,” “Piece Of Me” and “Break The Ice” all leave the albums and singles chart this week. This is only the second week in its run since release that “Blackout” will not have been in the top 75, having sold over around 250,000 copies in the UK, including around 120,000 this year alone.

"Radar" Release Cancelled

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The release of “Radar” has been cancelled worldwide, ending promotion for the “Blackout” project – Jive Records USA have removed the radio add date (which was originally 24th June) and have not sent out promotional CDs containing the track. SonyBMG UK have also confirmed that there will be no more singles from the album in the UK, as Britney is in the studio working on new material.

Thanks to UKBritney.TV.

"Blackout" Voted Worst Album Of The Year At NME Awards

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Britney’s latest album “Blackout” was voted the wost album of the year at last night’s NME awards in London. Other ‘nominees’ in this category included Leona Lewis’ debut album.

Oh well, who cares what they think? I’d rather listen to the ‘worst album of the year’ than any of the pretentious indie crap that they promote. At least she won best album of the year at the NRJ awards last month… and will hopefully win more later this year!

"Break The Ice" Promo CDS Released; Next Single?

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Despite media reports that “Hot As Ice” was Britney’s next single, it now seems that “Break The Ice” will be the song the world will be listening to for the next few months.

A promo CD has been sent out, including the album version and instrumental. Unfortunately, there’s no radio edit, which I think the song needs to be a single.

Another hint that it’s the next single is that the song jumped 201 places in a day to #91 on the Mediabase US radio airplay chart.

Note that the single cover isn’t confirmed, but the one above was added to eBay shortly after the CDS leaked.

Britney Rehearsing "Hot As Ice" Routine At Millenium

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With pup London in hand, Britney Spears headed to the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood on Sunday night to work on a new routine, owner Robert Baker tells PEOPLE.

“She is working on the choreography for her song ‘Hot as Ice,'” Baker said, “She rehearsed an amazing routine with a chair.”

The intense dance session wrapped up a characteristically bizarre weekend, during which Spears invited two photographers back to her home for some late-night champagne. “She was very sweet,” said one of the photographers, adding that Spears pal Sam Lutfi claimed to have “filed a restraining order” against Adnan Ghalib.

Ghalib, the paparazzo who has been Spears’s near-constant companion in recent weeks, shot back, “I am only now becoming aware of what is being said. I hope to be back home in Los Angeles soon and to be in contact with Miss Spears.” (The L.A. police and sheriff’s departments both said no emergency protective order had been issued.)

Spears, 26 – who also dropped by PetCo Sunday afternoon, picking up a birdcage and some dog food – spent nearly three hours working on her moves at Millennium. She emerged at 9:30 p.m. in a white top and Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, chatting with paparazzi and requesting the presence of Filipe, one of the photographers who had been at her home earlier.

“Britney was in an upbeat mood,” Baker said, adding that despite the impressive workout, the singer still seemed slightly scatterbrained. “I let her use my personal copy of Blackout. She forgot her own CD.”

Source: People Magazine

New Britney Song Title Revealed: "Pulse"

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A new Britney song title has been registered on the ASCAP database, called “Pulse”.

It was written by the writing team GHOST, comprising of  Joe Belmatti, Mich Hedin Hansen, Mikkel Sigvardt and Lorne Alistair Tenant.

The song was probably recorded during the “Blackout” sessions. Who knows if we’ll ever get to hear it, there are already tons of Britney songs we haven’t had the pleasure of listening to…