Rumoured New Britney Song: "Something More" *Updated*

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Here’s a full song that’s rumoured to be sung by Britney. To be honest, if this is fake, then this is the best Britney fake I’ve ever heard. I have never believed any of the other ones, but this one has be a bit on the fence as to whether it’s her or not. In parts it sounds identical to Britney’s voice, in others it sounds like someone is trying extremely hard to emulate Britney’s style of singing. The lyrics of the song seem to be about God.

Listen to it at YouTube and then leave a comment to say whether you think it’s her or not!

UPDATE: It’s not Britney, check out the singer’s profile.

Listen: "Break The Ice" (Kaskade Radio Mix)

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Here’s my favourite remix of “Break The Ice” that’s been made available so far. I’ve included a list of all the other remixes that have been commissioned below. Click play to listen!

Here are the names of the other official remixes that have been commissioned by Jive Records for the single:

“Break The Ice” [Main version] – 3:16
“Break The Ice” [Instrumental] – 3:08

“Break The Ice” [Kaskade Remix] – 3:59
“Break The Ice” [Tracy Young Remix] – 3:42

“Break The Ice” [Soul Seekerz Club Mix] – 06:10
“Break The Ice” [Soul Seekerz Dirty Club] – 08:23
“Break The Ice” [Soul Seekerz Dub] – 08:24
“Break The Ice” [Soul Seekerz Edit] – 02:55

“Break The Ice” [Wideboys Club Mix feat. Riff] – 05:47
“Break The Ice” [Wideboys Dub feat. Riff] – 05:17
“Break The Ice” [Wideboys Edit] – 03:05