Britney At Generation Rescue Event Last Night

Britney is seen last night arriving at the Generation Rescue event in Los Angeles, hosted by Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

Britney looked great! Click the thumbnails to view the pics, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

36 thoughts on “Britney At Generation Rescue Event Last Night”

  1. she looks amazing,realy proud of her,one of the only celebs who can do red carpets with little to now makeup on and still steal the show.

  2. She lwks fantastic. so happy britneys back. only britney can transform like this…no other artist is capable of doing it…catn wait 4 the new album.

  3. OOH WOW!!!! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! she looks like the ‘old’ britney. i mean, we know she is hot even when she wears her pyjama, but we havent seen her ‘glammed’ up and happppy for a while and now these pictures? AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  4. shane nobody has fallen as hard as she has 2 have an amazing transformation but she looks great (no homo) i had 2 do research 2 make sure dis wuz not an old picture or wuteva

  5. I am totally in shock…

    This is my first EVER post on this site. I had to post to express how much i think she has transformed.

    She looks like how she did in 2000-2003 era.

    Really happy for her. Well done Brit for not giving up.

  6. yeah yeah MIMI!!!

    i had to do research too to make sure this was the “recent” britney…
    She looks that hot!!!


    WHERE IS OUR MUSIC VIDEO… didn’t Britney just audition dancers????

    :D :D :D

    lets cross the fingers :D

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