Shannon Funk's Mother Talks About Britney

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Maureen Funk, the mother of Shannon Funk, a personal assistant whom an insider said was fired by Britney Spears last week, is defending her daughter.

She tells Life & Style, “My daughter is a terrific person and she has been hounded by the media since news that she had left Britney broke. Contrary to what people may think, this situation is not about money as Shannon is not that type of person.” Maureen denies her daughter inked a $500,000 “tell-all” deal to spill the beans about her short-lived stint as Brit’s personal assistant (Shannon has denied she was fired by Britney).

Maureen says, “I feel sorry for Britney Spears, as she is under a lot of pressure every day and is a really sweet woman, despite all the stories.”

As Life & Style previously reported, “Britney felt a lot of her recent troubles started and stopped with Shannon,” an insider close to Britney said. “Britney thought she was talking badly about her. She was rude and Britney felt she was letting business emails fall by the wayside.” Shannon was Brit’s assistant when the pop star recently filmed her personally-financed video, which ended in a near meltdown.

Meanwhile, Britney’s uncle, Barry Bridges, tells Life & Style that with Britney’s divorce from Kevin Federline finalized, “I think Britney and Kevin should be very happy about this. It’ll be a relief to the family, [and] I think [her mom] Lynne will be happy.”

As for advice he would offer Britney, he says, “Just get on with your life, and try to be civil. She’ll need to know to not talk badly about their daddy, especially around the kids.”

Asked whether he thinks Brit will work on her relationship with mom Lynne, now that the divorce is settled, he says, “I think they’ll get back together. Sometimes people are hard-headed, but Britney and Lynne have been so close so long. Remember that your family is always your family. You don’t forget they love you, no matter what.”

Source: Life & Style Magazine

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