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Britney's Favourite New British Drink

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SOUNDS like the Spears girl is turning into one of us Brits.

Ditching her image as a wild party gal, Britney Spears spent the Bank Holiday enjoying a proper girlie chill-out fest in London.

The sexy 22-year-old holed up in Knightsbridge’s plush Berkeley Hotel before her performance at Wembley last night.

And she spent the day watching back-to-back episodes of Sex And The City while downing gallons of her favourite new tipple – English tea.

“She chatted on the phone to her pals back home and then had her hair done. Britney has developed a real taste for a cuppa and kept ordering pots of tea on room service,” says our well-placed source.

And our insider adds that pictures of her in “tears” when she arrived at the hotel early on Sunday are a load of bull.

“She was on the coach from Manchester and they drove through the night. One minute she was eating cheesy puffs and the next she was fast asleep.

“When they arrived in London she splashed some Evian water on her face and it make her eyeliner run. The poor love was knackered.”

No doubt the regular supplies of builders’ brew sorted her out a treat…

Source: The Mirror

Britney on TRL UK

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TRL UK Just premiered the Everytime video! Britney was live in the studio and was really cool, they asked her some questions and she said to look at the camera hitting her on her head at the start of the video, thats why she drowns. I don’t mean to seem big headed, but to all you people who emailed me and told me I was wrong, think again ;).

Also, she showed her new tattoo on the back of her neck and said she’s enjoying touring here. We should have the video online later ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m going out now because its my birthday…

Manchester Online Reviews Saturday's Concert & Defends Britney

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CONTROVERSY may follow her every move. But from the moment Britney Spears burst on to the stage in her skin-tight black catsuit, there was no doubt that the M.E.N. Arena was under her spell.

Reports had suggested that the US megastar might be miming some of the hits in her Onyx Hotel tour. And then, of course, there was that rather hasty Las Vegas wedding to her childhood pal (later annulled) to keep her critics busy.

However, it seems the old adage that all publicity is good publicity really paid off for Ms Spears this time. For her fans turned out in their thousands to lend their idol support, packing the M.E.N. Arena to the rafters and greeting each number with rapturous applause.

In truth, it was hard to tell whether the pint-sized popstar was miming or not, so polished was the production of this slickly-choreographed show.

However, it has to be said that her singing was so astoundingly clear during the energetic dance routines, that it would be surprising if she wasn’t. Although, in fairness, she did appear to be singing the slower ballads live.


Not that her army of fans seemed to care either way. Miming or not, they had come to see a rip-roaring ride of a pop concert. And that was what Britney delivered.

From the opening strains of her hauntingly catchy latest hit Toxic, the audience were putty in her hands. Dancers dropped from the ceiling and flames shot in the air while the sassy singer leapt into the dance routines with all the vigour of a newly-recruited cheerleader.

A great deal of fuss has also been made about her raunchy on-stage antics. Not since Madonna, it seems, has there been such fretting about what young girls should be able to watch their heroines get up to.

Granted there is the odd bit of gyrating around – one scene in particular sees the singer writhing with one of her male dancers while wearing nothing but pink satin underwear and stockings. However, this is hardly anything new and even seems tame compared to the latest offerings on MTV.

On the surface, the new model Britney cavorting here with lashings of eyeliner, saucy underwear and red leather outfits might seem a million miles away from that doe-eyed teenager who conquered the pop world with Hit Me Baby One More Time.

And just to make sure we really got the message, there was even a nod to her wild child wedding antics when she trilled: “There are a lot of cute guys here. Any of you guys feeling lucky? Well, if you are really lucky I might just marry you.”

Nice try. But the basic concept behind Britney remains the same: she is an all-American star with a gleaming smile and a natty line in dance routines.

Source: Manchester Online

UK News

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The DVD was released today, go and buy it if you haven’t yet, its good, although I’m dissapointed that the Rain Nightclub performances weren’t on it (like they said they would be).

Also, the Miami special aired here today on channel 4. They showed all the performances (including Breathe On Me, even though they cut it out in Australia) – it was shown at 11:35AM this morning. Everytime remained live but they dubbed Shadow (shame) and they changed the music to every song to make it catchier than the version that was originally shown on Showtime in the US.

My Review Of Manchester Show and HQ Pics

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Instead of writing just a ‘review’ of the show I went to last night, I thought I would write about the whole day in general too.

We left my house at about 12:30PM and we caught the train to Chester at 1PM. When we arrived at Chester we waited for about 30 minutes and caught the hour long train to Manchester. Once we got there, we were totally lost, the train station was like an Airport! I am used to seeing fields and stuff and this was a really big change of scenery. We found somewhere to eat and walked around for a while. After a bit we got really tired of the crowds and we decided to get a Taxi to the MEN arena about 5:20PM.

We queued outside the arena for around 2 Hours and then they finally opened the doors. I was really worried because there was a sign saying ‘No cameras or recording equiptment allowed. You will be checked and if you refuse this check, you will be removed from the building without refund.’ So as we got closer to the door I realized that they weren’t checking ANYONE which was really cool (but also bad because someone could have taken a gun or anything!)

We got a drink then went to sit down in our seats. After some confusion, we finally got where we were supposed to sit, after the damn usher moved us about 3 times, it turned out we were in the right seats to start with!

At around 7:30PM Wicked Wisdom came on. I have to say that this was the biggest load of noise I’ve ever heard in my life. The sound was too loud, she was screaming and the music was just terrible! She thanked Britney, her ‘doll’ for letting her come on tour with her and then went. She didn’t get a big reponse from the crowd, unlike…

…JC Chasez, the crowd went wild for him! He did ‘Some Girls Dance With Women’, ‘Blowin Me Up’ and another song, and also a coreography part. He also thanked Britney for letting him tour with her and said ‘Thank you for welcoming me into your home’. He then went on to say that this week is really big for him because his debut album was released.

About 9:05PM the curtain dropped and Britney came out. It was amazing. The crowd went wild, and she couldn’t stop smiling! She performed the usual set, Toxic, Overprotected, Boys and Showdown. For Showdown she rolled the sleeves up on her suit so she must have been really hot!

After a costume change she did her Caberet bit, Baby One More Time, Oops I Did it Again and You Drive Me Crazy. The crowd didn’t really know what she was singing and on the radio after the show they were saying that she should have sung the original versions.

Then we saw the piano being pushed on stage and Britney performed an AMAZING version of Everytime LIVE. In my opinion, this version was MUCH better than the Showtime Special one. Well done Britney! Everyone loved it!

Then she did The Hook Up and I’m A Slave 4 U. The audience went wild (once again) for The Hook Up, which surprised me. I Love The Hook Up but I didn’t think it would get such a good response from the audience!

After Slave 4 u came the interlude. The camp Hotel Manager came into the audience and asked a lady if she was having a good time. He then asked if she wanted to say anything to Britney, she replied “Can I come backstage” and he goes “Better luck next time dear”, lol.

The show started again with Shadow. This wasn’t live, which was dissapointing, but seeing her in the air in that dress was amazing! She had her hair tied back in this one.

Then the dancers came out looking ‘naked’ and did some acrobatics. Britney came on and performed Touch Of My Hand. I don’t really think the audience got what she meant by the performance but anyway..its was a great performance and she wore her hair tied back for this one too.

Next came the very controversial performance, Breathe On Me. At the start when Britney and Leo roll around on the bed, they almost fell off. It was funny but I’m glad they never fell! During the kiss lots of people cheered (see my video below) but I heard someone say behind me ‘this is a discrace’. Straight after came Outrageous. Another great performance but the second verse was cut.

Then came I’ve Got That Boom Boom. This was a good performance and Britney looked great. It’s obvious that she’s been doing a lot of sun bathing recently.

She then thanked the audience and came out with a video camera to film the audience for her new reality tour show which will air this summer. She did her ‘I don’t wanna go bit’ and then ran off stage.

This part was a shame because lots of people left after this not knowing that Me Against The Music would be an encore. Although they were stupid to leave seen as the band was still playing and the lights were still down.

Me Against The Music was great, everyone loved this, especially when the remixed part started. This was fun to sing along to except my glow stick flew off and hit this man on the head LOL.

After it had finished, the lights came back on and everyone got up. I couldn’t believe it was over. I’d waited 5 years for last night to come and now its over. But I will definately be going to see her again!!

Click Here For the HQ Front Row Pics
Big thanks to BENJO for these amazing pictures!

Just Got Back!

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Hey everyone, I’m so tired right now! I just wanna say, that the show was AMAZING! If you don’t have tickets I advise you to get some. I will post the short video clips I got tomorrow but for now I’ll give you some things that happened. During ‘Breathe On Me’ Britney and Leo almost fell off the bed, it was kinda funny lol. And also, Britney was filming for her REALITY TOUR SHOW. After I’ve Got That Boom Boom she came on stage with a video camera, maybe I’ll be in the show cus she was pointing it right at me and my glow stick ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, what a great night! Videos and full review coming tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€