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Britney Wants To Duet With Robbie

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At 22-years-old, Spears has thrown innocence to the wind and whole-heartedly embraced her sexuality and womanhood.

And she has also set her sights on a new man – Robbie Williams.

The 22-year-old said she wants to sing with the Staffordshire star and help him achieve fame in the US.

Of all the British artists she could collaborate with, it would be “Robbie Williams because he’s hot and really sexy”, Spears said.

Asked about the British singer’s lack of success in the US, the pop princess replied that she could help Williams out.

“You know what, I think he’s just beginning,” she told MTV’s TRL show. “I think we should do something together and he’ll blow up.”

The Toxic star, who is touring Britain, denied that the controversial video for her new single Everytime was about suicide.

She said the video was about getting hit by a camera.

Source: Birmingham Post

Rumour: Britney Got High in Amsterdam *Updated*

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Someone emailed me (email me again with your name – I deleted it) and told me that last night, Britney and Kevin were out in Amsterdam partying but before they went to the clubs they were spotted in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. The coffee shop they were in was one that its legal to smoke weed (cannabis) in. Later, when they went partying she fainted and her bodyguards had to carry her through the back door of a club. She had to be carried back to their hotel room where Kevin comforted her.

Credit: Rona Montijn

Britney Turns Up The Heat In Brum

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Former pop princess Britney Spears turned bad girl for the night with a steamy show that left little to the imagination.

The 22-year-old rocked Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena with a series of daring costumes and raunchy dance routines.

In the 90 minute show’s most risque section the 13,000-strong audience saw: * Dancers undressing as they writhed provocatively on beds; * Britney, dressed in her underwear, and a male dancer snogging at the front of the stage; * Suggestions of gay and group sex.

Many of the more explicit movements during the songs Touch Of My Hand and Breathe On Me were seen in close up as the action was beamed to large screens at either side of the stage.

The concert, which was set in the fictional Onyx Hotel, began in dramatic fashion with dancers descending to the stage from the ceiling amid pillars of flame.

Britney appeared wearing a black skintight leather catsuit and, to the accompaniment of a booming bass, launched into Toxic, from her latest album Into The Zone.

The sound was muddy and it was difficult to hear the lyrics, let alone discern whether she was miming.

Overprotected and Boys followed and then there was a strange jazz interlude when Britney’s two best songs, Baby One More Time and Oops… I’ve Done It Again, were rearranged crooner-style making them almost unrecognisable.

She got back on track with a straightforward version of her 1999 hit (You Drive Me) Crazy which got one of the biggest cheers of the night.

The rest of the songs, interspersed with narration from a fat camp guy dressed in purple and video links, were taken from her last two albums, with costume changes aplenty.

At times it seemed that theatrical effects were more important than the music.

Despite her recent problems she still found time to joke about at least one of her scandals.

“Any of you guys feeling lucky?” she asked the audience. “Who knows, if you’re really lucky I may marry you!”

Why all the fuss?

SOME fans shrugged off saucy Britney’s shenanigans on stage – but others were more concerned.

Mum Sarah Dean, of Sutton Coldfield, took along her eight-year-old daughter Lucy and said they both enjoyed the concert and were not fazed by the erotic scenes. “The raunchy parts were over Lucy’s head and she just enjoyed it for being a pop concert by her favourite singer,” said the 35-year-old housewife.

The show was also a dream come true for nine-year-old Maria Cutler, of Four Oaks, who had wanted to see Britney since she was three.

Maria, of Little Sutton School, finally got to see the star with her dad John Cutler. “I thought it was good and I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” said Mr Cutler.

Mum Carol Webb, of Springhill, in Hockley, also shrugged off the raunchy section of the show saying her seven-year-old daughter Monika Pawar did not notice and was happy dancing to the songs.

But Birmingham University students James Santer and Charlie Maybury, both aged 20, from Selly Oak, expressed concerns over the erotic content for children. “As young men, this concert was just what we expected and didn’t let us down. The best bit was when she wore the pink underwear and stock-ings,” said James. “It is a bit worrying that children were watching the raunchy bits though, as they were pretty racy.”

Pals Sammy Buckley, aged 18, Erica Hinwood, 17, Suzy Ratcliff, 14, and Jessica Hinwood, 16, from Worcester, said they thought the gig was fantastic.

Source: Birmingham Evening Mail

Invisable Britney

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Fame is such a nuisance for our Hollywood heroes, such a terrible intrusion on their multi-millionaire lifestyles.

So doesn’t your heart bleed for poor Britney Spears after she turned up wearing denim shorts and a baseball hat backstage at Beyonce’s first solo tour and couldn’t get the security staff to believe who she was?

She finally managed to talk her way inside but only after getting a taste of what it feels like in the real world.

Eminem’s another star who seems to think he was better off in the trailer park. He is back at number one in the US album charts with his group, D12, but he says he is envious of his fellow bandmates.

They are “blessed” that they can walk around without being bothered by the public.

Such a sacrifice.

Source: IOL & Anneli

Kelly Osbourne Lashes Out

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KELLY OSBOURNE has launched a vicious attack on BRITNEY SPEARS’ career aspirations, hinting she isn’t talented or intelligent enough to achieve the same success as her mentor MADONNA.

Osbourne – who has spent the past few weeks in rehab battling an addiction to prescription pills – believes Britney’s disastrous 55-hour marriage in Las Vegas earlier this year (JAN04) was the TOXIC star’s bid to emulate her pal Madonna’s eccentric behaviour of the past.

Kelly rants, “Who f***ing cares if Britney got married? I think she’s been taking one too many lessons from Madonna.

“People forget that Madonna is a very smart business woman and there aren’t a lot of female artists who can survive for as long as she has.

“Her career has been non-stop and no matter how hard Britney tries, she’s just not going to be or have that.”

Source: Contact Music and Anneli

WoW, so she’s still on these pills after being in rehab? 😉

Exclusive: Full TRL UK Special Britney Show Videos – High Quality!

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Here is another exclusive to the site! We have the whole show (Britney’s parts) from TRL UK yesterday where Britney was in the studio! She talks about the truth about the everytime video, shows her new tattoo, says who she would like to work with from the UK and also answers fan’s questions and plays games etc. Its a really good show, and everyone gave Britney a good reception. Some of the things were a bit stupid, but I haven’t seen Britney this happy in crazy in a long time, so its great to see her back to her old self 😀

The show has been cut into 6 parts so you can download at your convenience. This also makes it easier for people with slower connections to download. We wouldn’t have this special without Fee – So a HUGE thanks to her for capping the video just for us 🙂

I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT hotlink ANY of these videos or they will be REMOVED, which will ruin it for other visitors!

Download Part One – 5MB – VCD
Download Part Two – 31MB – VCD
Download Part Three – 68MB – VCD
Download Part Four – 45MB – VCD
Download Part Five – 44MB – VCD
Download Part Six – 33MB – VCD

Please credit us if you use! 🙂

"Britney's Naked Pool Romp"

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BRITNEY SPEARS sneaked her boyfriend into her plush London hotel for a naked midnight swim.

The troubled pop princess was so lonely she jetted dancer KEVIN FEDERLINE 5,000 miles from Los Angeles and frolicked with him in the rooftop pool.

Britney defied her bosses to bring Kevin to the UK to help her cope on tour. The singer has been “stressed out” by all the negative publicity surrounding her shows.

It seems she is finding it “hard to concentrate” on performing after she was slaughtered for MIMING most of her set.

Kevin arrived on Sunday and was sneaked into the five-star Berkeley Hotel, in Knightsbridge, West London, where Britney has the penthouse suite.

The following evening he watched her Wembley Arena concert from the side of the stage. Then the star whisked him back to the Berkeley for their swim.

A source close to Britney said: “She was desperate to see Kevin. She has totally fallen for him and her aides are concerned that she is very distracted from her work as a result of the relationship.

“When Kevin arrived in London he was smuggled in and out of the hotel and then the concert so no one would know he was there.

“After the gig, Britney took him back to the hotel and they had the pool opened especially for them.

“Britney had just come off stage so she was hot and sweaty.

“On the drive back to the hotel she rang ahead and asked them to open the pool as a special favour to her.

“Then she and Kevin just stripped off and jumped in.”

Britney was recently snapped with Kevin on a California beach.

Their romance has caused outrage in the US, where Kevin’s girlfriend — actress SHAR JACKSON — is seven months pregnant with his baby.

Shar, who says she has been with Kevin for four years, is already the mother of their first child.

She said of Kevin’s liaison with Britney: “This is a big thing. It isn’t like breaking up a relationship, it’s like breaking up a family. He can come home and we’ll talk.”

But it sounds like Kevin, who has danced for Britney’s ex JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, has no intention of going back home.

He spent most of Tuesday holed up in Britney’s suite watching DVDs (and doing whatever else they got up to in private).

Doubts have been cast over whether Britney will complete her world tour after reports emerged that she had threatened to quit.

She is under contract to do a series of European dates and a tour of the Far East.

The source said: “There is a lot of concern for Britney and her state of mind.

“She is not herself and she is finding it hard being away from home and facing all the demands of a tour.

“She is besotted with Kevin and it seems she can’t function without him.

“She is very young and impressionable yet she has an enormous responsibility to her fans and to her record label to do this tour.

“We just hope she can find a way of coping better or there could be serious problems.”

Source: The Sun