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Britney: "I'm Not Sexy"

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Britney Spears says she doesn’t think she’s remotely sexy. She says that while people may think she has a glamorous life, she’s often really just trying to survive. “I don’t consider myself sexy at all,” the 22-year-old pop star told German FHM magazine, claiming she couldn’t understand why she had become the subject of so many men’s fantasies. However, she said she does think women who are confident about their sexuality are sexy, and that she has secretly been just as sexually active as Janet Jackson. “I may not brag about it as much,” said Spears. “But as far as sex goes, I’ve done similar things to what Janet Jackson has done.” The singer added that people often have a completely wrong impression of her life. “People think my life is very glamorous, but it’s not,” said Spears. “You might have someone constantly doing your hair and make-up, but a lot of the time you’re just trying to survive.” Spears went on to complain that she isn’t having much luck with men at the moment. She said she is looking for a man who isn’t politically correct and isn’t everybody’s darling.

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Britney's Big Smile

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Poor Britney Spears. The poppet is said to be “exhausted” by the gruelling demands of life on tour. But we reckon she may have stumbled across a new way to relax after a hard night’s miming.

The 22-year-old pop princess nipped into one of Amsterdam’s “coffee shops” on Thursday while wandering round the city with latest boyfriend Kevin Federline.

An onlooker said: “When she emerged she had a great big smile on her face.”

Must have been a lovely cuppa…

Source: The Mirror

Morrissey Brands Spears 'Evil'

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With his new album You Are The Quarry, out today, doom merchant Morrissey has decided to band Britney Spears the devil.

Well, there’s definitely something about her.

Although, we’d probably say horny little devil rather than satan himself.

Doing the interview rounds, the king of doom announced he’s “sick to death” of manufactured music from the likes of American Idol and Britney Spears.

“‘Idol’ is an easy target, as (the contestants) are really just very simple children who are manipulated by truly awful grown-up people,” he told the New York Post.

“But I certainly think Britney Spears is the devil. The way she projects herself and the fact that she is so obviously vacuous. I think it’s such a shame that she became so influential to very small children.”

Now there’s a man The Daily Mail need on their side!

Meanwhile, Spears has decided she’s definitely, absolutely NOT sexy.

“I don’t consider myself sexy at all,” she told the German FHM.

But do you think you’re evil?

“I might not brag about it as much, but as far as sex goes, I’ve done similar things to what Janet Jackson has done.”

How does she know what sort of sex Janet is having?

They’re all evil! Strike them down and make them pay for wearing small panties and tight fitting bras.


I don’t even know who he is !

Britney Under Fire

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It seems that controversies really can’t keep themselves away from pop diva Britney Spears.

The ‘Toxic’ star has now come under fire from Grammy award winner, Rebecca St. James who claims that Britney’s sexantics on stage prompt teenagers to have pre-marital sex.

The Christian singer who leads ‘True Love Waits’ an organization devoted to urge teenagers to refrain from pre marital sex has claimed that Britney’s raunchy tactics make her job difficult, reports

“The biggest thing I feel for Britney is I feel sad for her. I also feel sad for the nine or ten-year-olds watching her who see her dressing in a very promiscuous fashion, almost asking for people to treat her as a sex object. They are going to start dressing that way too,” James was quoted as saying.

“She has had an unbelievable amount of pressure put on her. She would have people from the top of her record label, to her manager and to her peers saying you’ve got to be raunchier, show ore skin. It’s like water on a stone, it just starts to wearing away no matter how strong you are,” she added.

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Britney Likes Going To Clubs In Her PYJAMAS

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BRITNEY SPEARS has revealed she likes going to nightclubs…in her pyjamas.

The singer claims she has been out partying in her PJs just to “play with people” and trick them into thinking she is making a fashion statement.

She says: “I’ve gone to clubs in my pyjamas and everyone’s like, ‘Hey, cool! She’s wearing her PJs.’ And it’s not cool! You have to do stuff like that sometimes.”

Yeah right, Britney.

Source: The Sun

Kevin Ferderline's Pregnant Fiancée Furious At Britney, Britney In Spain

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POP babe Britney Spears has been slagged off as a boozing, smoking, cheating, home wrecker by her furious love rival.
Pregnant Shar Jackson said she was shocked the singer had stolen her hunky fiancé Kevin Federline.

But she said the couple should be well-suited.

The actress told them: “You both smoke, you both drink and you both cheated on significant others after three years.

“You guys are made for each other. Have a good life.”

Britney is said to have cheated on pop pin-up Justin Timberlake before they split two years ago.

But Shar — seven months pregnant with Kevin’s second child — said Britney should have sent her new boyfriend packing when she discovered he was a dad.

She fumed: “If you’re a real woman and you find someone you are seeing has extra baggage, you say, ‘Go home and take care of your business’.

“If she and Kevin want to be a couple, that is fine with me.

“But there are two little kids she better be prepared to babysit.”

Kevin, who was a dancer on one of Britney’s videos, has been keeping her company on the European leg of her world tour.

They were pictured in The Sun yesterday laughing and frolicking in a park before a show in Stockholm, Sweden.

The couple jetted to Spain for a break in Marbella before Britney’s gig in Frankfurt tonight.

Shar has a daughter Kori, two, and is expecting a son in July.

She only discovered Kevin was cheating on her three weeks ago when he was pictured with Britney in Santa Monica, California.

Shar claims they patched it up and had sex — then Kevin secretly flew to Britney’s side on tour in London.

Now she says it’s all over — and Britney is “welcome” to him.

Source: The Sun

I can’t believe she’s in Marbella, I’ll be there in 3 weeks, I wish she was there then, lol…

Natasha Beddingfield On Britney

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Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield has slammed Britney Spears’ raunchy stage show.

Daniel Bedingfield’s little sister who has her own single in the charts called ‘Single’ has claimed that Britney is trying too hard to cause an outrage with her steamy Onyx Hotel Tour.

“I don’t think Britney needs to try to shock people all the time – she’s famous enough already. All this getting raunchy on stage is a bit sad,” The Sun quoted Natasha as commenting.

“If people really want to go and see a strip show they can go to a strip show,” added she.

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Rumour: Britney Cancels Her Asian Tour

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Britney Spears has cancelled the Far East leg of her recent Onyx Hotel Tour, because she is suffering from exhaustion. “Things haven’t been going too well for Britney at all. She’s been very ill and hasn’t had the time to fully recover”, a source close to the star says. The pop princess has cancelled the July dates of her Asian tour, because she was too tired to stay on the road. The source says, Britney is feeling so miserable, that she`s making her dancers miserable as well.

She has threatened to cancel her tour after the chilly reception she received in UK, where she has been slammed for lip-synching and for putting up too raunchy shows, though the press has not denied her slickness and professionalism. She`s bound by the contract to finish her European tour and she will play her last European date in Dublin on June 6 before returning to the United States. Britney also wants to spend more time with her new boyfriend Kevin Federline, according to the source.

Britney may soon be facing another disappointment as well: her long awaited perfume line produced by Elizabeth Arden, is set to launch at the same time with Beoynce`s fragrance by Estee Lauder, reports MSNBC. Industry experts say Britney doesn’t have the versatility to be the fashion role model and predict Beyonce’s line will be the bigger hit. “From a fashion perspective, Britney hasn’t morphed into anything beyond being a pop princess.” – Gina Pia Bandini, editor-in-chief of told MSNBC.

Source: MSNBC