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Shar Jackson Speaks Out Again

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“Extra” brought you video of Britney Spears with her new boyfriend Kevin Federline, and from Southern California to Sweden, the two have been inseparable. But back at home, Federline’s ex-girlfriend is steaming, and she’s speaking out.

Shar Jackson, Federline’s ex-girlfriend, revealed to “Extra” that watching the images of her ex and Spears are incredibly painful. She and Federline were together for four years, have a 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter and are expecting another baby in July.

Shar told us she was devastated to get a call from Kevin telling her that he had “hung out” with Britney Spears. “I was like ‘hung out?’ What does that mean?” Jackson told us. “I definitely thought it was a one-time thing, but I guess I was wrong.”

Shar is slowly accepting the fact her relationship with Kevin is over and that she’ll have to raise her growing family alone. But she wishes her ex wasn’t enjoying the attention so much. “Kevin wants to be a star, and now he is,” she said. “But he lied to me, so blunt in my face.”

Jackson knows a thing or two about stardom — she’s an actress who’s played in movies like “Love and Basketball,” and she’s been on TV shows like “Moesha.”

But Shar wants to make one thing clear — her problem does not lie with Britney: “Kevin made that choice. He destroyed the relationship, not her.”

So what about reports that Jackson now wants a word with Spears? To that Shar responded: “What do we need to discuss? The only thing we need to discuss is, you know, when she’s ready to baby-sit. That’s it.”

For more on this love triangle, watch Wednesday’s edition of “Extra.”

Source: Extra Online

Britney Stops Stage Smooch

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BRITNEY Spears has scrapped a sexy smooch from her stage show to stop her new boyfriend getting jealous.

In her racy new Onyx Hotel Tour the pop superstar, 22, stops for a long kiss with back-up dancer Leo.

But the scene has been dropped – after boyfriend Kevin Federline, 26, complained.

A source told Us Weekly magazine in the US: “Brit made him promise not to fool around, so Kevin thinks she should do the same. It’s only fair.”

Has Britters finally found the chap to calm her down?

Source: The Mirror

Britney Mobile Live In The UK

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I wrote the details for this down when I went to see Brit on May 1st but forgot to post it on the site. UK citizens can’t get the option of Britney texting ‘diary’ members yet, that’s coming in June. But for now, you can text Britney, and she will select 5 messages to reply to each week! To send Britney your message (in the UK) send a text beginning with “TXT2B” leave a space then write your message. Text your message to 60040 (texts cost 50p plus your standard operator rate)

Britney Flees Berlin Show In Tears?

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BRITNEY SPEARS fled a concert in Germany in a flood of tears.

It’s the latest in the ongoing saga of troubles that has hit the star during her Onyx Hotel tour.

The pop princess ran off stage in Berlin this week and jumped straight into her waiting black Mercedes — even as the final chords were still echoing around the hall.

Britney sped back to her suite at the Hotel InterConti and arrived with her face streaked with make-up.

An onlooker said: “Dozens of fans were waiting for her outside the hotel. She rushed straight past them with her baseball cap pulled right down over her eyes.

“But everyone could see she had been crying her eyes out on the limo journey. Her mascara was streaming down her face.”

Sources close to the star say she is rapidly sinking into depression.

Her tour has been widely criticised because Britney mimes for most of the show.

And at many of her concerts she has appeared wooden, as if she’s simply going through the motions.

Britney is said to be desperate to end the tour and return home. Her managers have already cancelled the South East Asia leg of the world tour.

Word is that Britney’s mind is not on the job because of her passionate affair with KEVIN FEDERLINE.

Britney was missing the dancer so much on the European leg of the tour she flew him to London.

They were then spotted partying in Amsterdam and Malaga in Spain.

Despite reports he’s now flown home I can reveal Kevin’s still with Britney, who spends all her free time with him.

Yesterday the Spears roadshow flew into Lyon in France. Let’s hope that last night’s show didn’t end in tears, too.

Source: The Sun