Morrissey Brands Spears 'Evil'

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With his new album You Are The Quarry, out today, doom merchant Morrissey has decided to band Britney Spears the devil.

Well, there’s definitely something about her.

Although, we’d probably say horny little devil rather than satan himself.

Doing the interview rounds, the king of doom announced he’s “sick to death” of manufactured music from the likes of American Idol and Britney Spears.

“‘Idol’ is an easy target, as (the contestants) are really just very simple children who are manipulated by truly awful grown-up people,” he told the New York Post.

“But I certainly think Britney Spears is the devil. The way she projects herself and the fact that she is so obviously vacuous. I think it’s such a shame that she became so influential to very small children.”

Now there’s a man The Daily Mail need on their side!

Meanwhile, Spears has decided she’s definitely, absolutely NOT sexy.

“I don’t consider myself sexy at all,” she told the German FHM.

But do you think you’re evil?

“I might not brag about it as much, but as far as sex goes, I’ve done similar things to what Janet Jackson has done.”

How does she know what sort of sex Janet is having?

They’re all evil! Strike them down and make them pay for wearing small panties and tight fitting bras.


I don’t even know who he is !

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