Britney Under Fire

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It seems that controversies really can’t keep themselves away from pop diva Britney Spears.

The ‘Toxic’ star has now come under fire from Grammy award winner, Rebecca St. James who claims that Britney’s sexantics on stage prompt teenagers to have pre-marital sex.

The Christian singer who leads ‘True Love Waits’ an organization devoted to urge teenagers to refrain from pre marital sex has claimed that Britney’s raunchy tactics make her job difficult, reports

“The biggest thing I feel for Britney is I feel sad for her. I also feel sad for the nine or ten-year-olds watching her who see her dressing in a very promiscuous fashion, almost asking for people to treat her as a sex object. They are going to start dressing that way too,” James was quoted as saying.

“She has had an unbelievable amount of pressure put on her. She would have people from the top of her record label, to her manager and to her peers saying you’ve got to be raunchier, show ore skin. It’s like water on a stone, it just starts to wearing away no matter how strong you are,” she added.

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