Britney: "I'm Not Sexy"

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Britney Spears says she doesn’t think she’s remotely sexy. She says that while people may think she has a glamorous life, she’s often really just trying to survive. “I don’t consider myself sexy at all,” the 22-year-old pop star told German FHM magazine, claiming she couldn’t understand why she had become the subject of so many men’s fantasies. However, she said she does think women who are confident about their sexuality are sexy, and that she has secretly been just as sexually active as Janet Jackson. “I may not brag about it as much,” said Spears. “But as far as sex goes, I’ve done similar things to what Janet Jackson has done.” The singer added that people often have a completely wrong impression of her life. “People think my life is very glamorous, but it’s not,” said Spears. “You might have someone constantly doing your hair and make-up, but a lot of the time you’re just trying to survive.” Spears went on to complain that she isn’t having much luck with men at the moment. She said she is looking for a man who isn’t politically correct and isn’t everybody’s darling.

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