Rumour: Britney Cancels Her Asian Tour

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Britney Spears has cancelled the Far East leg of her recent Onyx Hotel Tour, because she is suffering from exhaustion. “Things haven’t been going too well for Britney at all. She’s been very ill and hasn’t had the time to fully recover”, a source close to the star says. The pop princess has cancelled the July dates of her Asian tour, because she was too tired to stay on the road. The source says, Britney is feeling so miserable, that she`s making her dancers miserable as well.

She has threatened to cancel her tour after the chilly reception she received in UK, where she has been slammed for lip-synching and for putting up too raunchy shows, though the press has not denied her slickness and professionalism. She`s bound by the contract to finish her European tour and she will play her last European date in Dublin on June 6 before returning to the United States. Britney also wants to spend more time with her new boyfriend Kevin Federline, according to the source.

Britney may soon be facing another disappointment as well: her long awaited perfume line produced by Elizabeth Arden, is set to launch at the same time with Beoynce`s fragrance by Estee Lauder, reports MSNBC. Industry experts say Britney doesn’t have the versatility to be the fashion role model and predict Beyonce’s line will be the bigger hit. “From a fashion perspective, Britney hasn’t morphed into anything beyond being a pop princess.” – Gina Pia Bandini, editor-in-chief of told MSNBC.

Source: MSNBC

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