Britney Performs Another Sexy Show

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She’s not a girl, not yet a woman. But as she proved Wednesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Britney Spears could easily pass herself off as a soft porn star.

In a racy, risque performance that pushed the very levels of decency that tour- sponsor Clear Channel is waging war on, Spears, as she coyly sang during the show, found herself “flirting with the verge of obscene.”

Clad in a set of matching pink undergarments, Spears engaged in a number of simulated sex acts with a similarly scantily clad male dancer during “Breathe on Me,” and writhed in a clear bathtub wearing only a sheer, diamond- covered bodysuit during her breathy ode to self-love, “Touch of My Hand.”

It was enough to make Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” set pieces — which got her famously in trouble with the Canadian government — look downright tame in comparison. So goes the supposed envelope-pushing (and sure-fire lip- syncing) that makes up Spears’ “Onyx Hotel” tour, which marked her first visit to Metro Detroit since June 2002. The show’s “Onyx Hotel” theme — it’s a place where “your body is privy to many a titillation,” explained the show’s emcee, a flamboyant cross between Boy George and Danny DeVito’s Penguin character from “Batman Returns” — was as ill- thought out as Spears’ graduation to psuedo-smut queen.

Outside of a few on-stage luggage racks on which Spears danced, there wasn’t much of anything that resembled a hotel, onyx or otherwise, during the 90-minute show, which saw Spears performing material mostly from her latest, the all-grown-up “In the Zone.”

Spears stuck to the script all night; her between-song banter was so scripted she didn’t bother mentioning the show was rescheduled from a late- March performance, cancelled due to a knee malfunction Spears suffered March 18 in Moline, Ill., or that Wednesday was the last night of the current leg of the tour.

Instead, she offered well-rehearsed speeches about her life being a roller coaster, but that life’s ups and downs are what make us who we are. None of which did much to derail the enjoyment of the audience, a sell-out crowd of 14,000 — hey, sex sells — made up mostly of small groups of college-aged girls. For them, it was a chance to break out the miniskirts and boogie down with Britney. Nothing wrong with that.

Source: Detroit News

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